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Through this book, you will gain an understanding of the importance of sex in your marriage and its benefits – for both you and your husband!

About the Devotional

When it comes to Women’s Ministry, we’ve seen a lot of small groups on various spiritual topics. We have interceding groups and intense Bible studies; all of which are important and greatly needed. We have groups about fashion, parenting and homemaking. Again, great stuff. All of these groups are geared toward building our relationship with God or with others around us.

Prayer, Bible study, and raising our children are all very spiritual, but so is the act of love making with our husbands. Yet, why is it we are not seeing a group to help us married ladies improve our sex lives, an area that not only brings us closer to our spouse, but closer to God?

In This Book…

You will learn many things that will improve your marriage, sex life, and more, including:


The importance of physical intimacy in marriages


How to become closer to both God & your husband


How to be a better lover rather than just a roommate with benefits


Break down sexual barriers


Dissect all of the lies that you believe about intimacy & yourself


& much more!

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