Rachael Jenneman

“Finding Victory in How God Uniquely Created You.”

“Unique On Purpose”

My Passion

I am passionate about my family, missions, and seeing others flourish at their God given talents. This is why I serve my purpose of helping women see their true identity in Christ, understand their calling, and help them move forward in their ministry journeys.

What I Do

As a former pastor turned broadcaster, I enjoy helping others find their uniqueness and purpose.  I have a weekly podcast, write articles, appear as a guest speaker, and am in the process of writing my first book. I desire to help those who want to deepen their walk with Christ.


You have been called to be on the frontlines of war. The battles we fight as women in this spiritual war cannot be won without you. In your hands, you will learn about great women from our recent and biblical past. 

My new book, “The Real War on Women” is here and available for purchase! You can click the link below to order your copy today. 


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Let’s Get To Know Each Other


Lets walk this women in ministry journey together!  Read different articles that are filled with transparency, encouragement and humor that will help us grow together. 

Igniting Intimacy

Discover the joy of emotional and physical wholeness in your marriage through my free devotional book.

About Me

I became a Christian when I was a few months shy of 17. Although I didn’t grow up with a religious background, I felt a strong pull to get involved with a Local Church in Traverse City, MI.

I again felt a call when I was 19, and this time I was pulled to ministry. I met my husband during this time. We thought he’d be the pastor, I’d be the pastor’s wife, just like everyone else.  But that’s not how it turned out.  God led my husband to pursue a career in social work and me ministry.

I love helping people understand their true purpose and identity. I live in Michigan with my awesome husband and three amazing kids. 

I now serve in broadcasting ministries at Good News Media. I drink lots of tea and am a wanna-be drummer.  Let’s be friends!

What People Are Saying about “Igniting Intimacy.” 

“Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this journey with you and helping to open my eyes and my mind to being more intimate with my hubby. I’m trusting God with every bold move I make that my marriage will be stronger and better once I take the steps I need to take.” – Trecy

“It’s (the devotional) making me think and be more purposeful. Good stuff.” – Sherri

“Thank you for your book, it’s really eye opening for me!!!” – M.P. Pastor’s wife

I would love to connect with you! 

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