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"Unique On Purpose"


Hi there! I’m Rachael Jenneman.  I help people find their true purpose. I live in Michigan, have an awesome husband, three amazing kids, have the best job in the whole world, and am a tea connoisseur.

My Story

I became a Christian when I was a few months shy of 17.  To make a long story short, I was invited by someone I worked with by someone else who invited them.  As a person with no religious background what so ever, walking  into a local church was extremely overwhelming.  As I stood and watched the worship, clapping for so long my hands started to itch, I noticed two sisters I went to High School with.  I knew they were Christians, but not that kind of Christian. As time went on I began keeping in touch with these girls and soon gave my heart to Jesus on July 4th, 1999.

When I was 19, I felt a call to ministry.  As I worked my way through pursing my calling, I met my future husband, David. When we were first married, we knew we were called to ministry.  We thought he’d be the pastor, I’d be the pastor’s wife, just like everyone else.  But that’s not how it turned out.  God led my husband to pursue a career in social work and me in ministry. He still feels called to ministry, just not in a pastoral aspect. I was a pastor in a local church for many years and now I’m in broadcasting helping people find how God has uniquely created them for a purpose!  

My Favorite Resources

I love books! If you are looking for some great resources by some amazing women, check these out!


"The Confident Woman" by Joyce Meyer

Praise God for someone like Joyce Meyer! She has been a huge pioneer in ministry. This fantastic book helped me to have the confidence in my calling as well as confirming my calling.


"Lioness Arising" by Lisa Bevere

This book is just plain inspiring. If you are just looking to be encouraged and have a fire lite up inside your soul, this is the book for you!


"God’s Women Then and Now" by Deborah M. Gill and Barbara Cavaness

Two women whose motivational gifting is obviously Teaching (Romans 12); show you biblically that God has called women to leadership. A little overwhelming, yes, but helps unlock many theological misunderstandings through scripture and history.

My Family

Here we are! Our family pic… After a hundred takes this is as good as it gets! 😉 I call these bunch of crazies my family.  David and I met all the way back in youth group when we were barely Christians. We got married in 2005.  What followed next was a house and three kids, and we’ve never looked back!
David works as an IT guy while he’s not playing ministry husband. Paige, Caleb, and Jayce bring much challenge and joy to our lives as they continue to humble us and make us more like Christ.

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