The Real War on Women launches Tuesday, October 18th! Thank you for taking the time to listen to the first chapter.

It will be available here:

The Unique on Purpose Podcast will be taking a break for the book launch but will resume in November. Here is the back cover of the book:

You have been called to be on the frontlines of war. The battles we fight as women in this spiritual war cannot be won without you.
In your hands, you will learn about great women from our recent and biblical past. Through their heroics, you will discover

-Why you are here
-Why you matter
-Lies you may have believed
-Who your true enemy is
-How to be victorious
-And how to use your greatest weapons in this fight

There is a spiritual war against God’s women. It is a war against your identity, sexuality, marriage, family, call, and purpose. It’s time to stop believing Satan’s lies, the lies of the culture, and even lies from the church, and start fighting where God has placed you so you can live out your God-given purpose. You have been called up to be a powerful warrior. Let us fight the real War on Women together!